A short and objective summary of what happened: If you know an engineer working on Toyota, Lexus or Scion, you will be able too see the facts, they obviously know about the complaints because they were the most affected. ************* MORE ************* The anti-Toyota movie was fed by this too: GM filed for bankruptcy due an important decrease of sales year after year (unreliable products, betraying American people), directly affecting, obviously to its employees (but not the CEO, etc. (they kept getting more money than almost any other CEO from any other company). 2.- The American Government partially acquired GM (please, DO NOT forget, the ‘current status’ of the company doesn’t change because of that) and it still needed to be helped to avoid the inneficience of the company, especially through the gain of market share (for example). Obviously, the perfect target to STEAL customers was the biggest and STRONGEST “non”american company (it actually builds more american cars than GM), TOYOTA. PLUS: The question is, after that issue, is there anything better in the US? NO, in fact, GM, trying to make its cars more profitable, is going to build them in China (that’s why the Obama Administration wants to improve the ‘relations’ with China), not to provide JOB in the US but in CHINA and then selling these cars in the US as (American-Made cars). Sad to see how a company and its OWNER (the American Government) are unable to get the things through good manners; they are perfectly
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This video covers the products that i used when my hair was natural from my BC on Oct 9, 2007 to Month 6 April 2008. I made alot of mistakes during this time because I didnt know what to use and sooo i had to experiment and learn from my mistakes. This video is important to watch because I discuss my mistakes that I made during this time. We all makes mistakes the most important thing is to learn from it. This was requeste by a few others and huney5uckle and 1napturaldiva .

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