What does “Made in USA” mean to you?

Chances are, it inspires images of quality, reliability, and integrity. And as well it should!

Many companies spend tens of millions of dollars in advertising trying to promote a specific image of their overseas manufactured product, and more often than not, the product just doesn’t live up to the hype. How could it, when it’s usually made with inferior components, assembled by an untrained, uneducated and often abused workforce, with maximum profits for the owners being the only “quality control” effort?

Made in USA products are different. Not just because they’re usually produced with better quality materials and assembled by smart and creative craftsmen and craftswomen. Made in USA means much more than just having an American Flag displayed next to the picture. Buying Made in USA products is a means of investing in our forefather’s vision of America. Buying Made in USA products means investing in our children’s America. Buying Made in USA products means you want the producer to be concerned with environmental well-being. Buying Made in USA products means you are an ethical consumer.

Whether you’re in the market for a fun T-Shirt or a fashionable dress, industrial work clothes or Hawaiian shirts, when you buy Made in USA products, you know you’re getting the best possible quality at a reasonable price. But what you may not know is that you’re also helping your community, both economically and ecologically. You’re investing in American businesses that aren’t afraid to manufacture under strict environmental safety standards. Buying Made in USA products mean you care about not just your standard of living, but of
those throughout your community. Supporting American manufacturers means supporting American families.

But more importantly, by buying Made In USA products, you’ve found your piece of the American Dream. And hopefully, you’ve found some peace of mind.